Colorful Recolor
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Colorful Recolor

Colorful Recolor is a fast-paced puzzler with a kaleidoscopic collection of brain teasers. Play through 20 levels with engaging mechanics, striking biomes, 10+ distinct elements and an abundance of colors. Paint your way through this colorful world!


Colorful Recolor is a fast-paced puzzle game with a kaleidoscopic collection of brain teasers, engaging mechanics, and an abundance of colors! Slide and bounce across challenging color-based gauntlets, explore striking biomes, interact with 10+ distinct elements, and reach the exit in 20 unique puzzles. Paint your way through this colorful world! Movement is key in this puzzler. Each keystroke, every direction you take, requires careful planning. Once you start going, there's no stopping! Glide through every level with speed and quick thinking. Color is in the name of the game! Navigating this colorful landscape requires constantly painting your character, avoiding different colors, and engaging with like-colored interactibles. Your journey through this game won't just be a yellow brick road (most of the time). To progress, you'll have to paint your own path! Unlock gates, travel through portals, materialize phantom blocks, and redirect yourself with bouncy arrows! Your goal is right over there – or should we say, right over the rainbow! You'll need a mix of quick thinking and clever preparation to get to the end. Snatch that crown and make yourself the Colorful King! CONTROLS: Keyboard:
  • WASD / Arrows -> Move
  • R -> Restart
  • Left Joystick / D Pad -> Move
  • Triangle Button / Y Button -> Restart


Complete all the puzzles in the shortest amount of time.
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Players joined348
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Number of plays134746
Creation date10 Jun, 2022
Last updated17 Oct, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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