Lyssandra and the Amplegores
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Lyssandra and the Amplegores

A cat, a dog, a bag of blood and 30 different guns.


A lab accident has caused an outburst of Amplegores, a mutated species consisting entirely of their own blood. You're Lyssandra, aka "Dog". Get in the GunCycle and manage the population! The game contains 30 different weapons with defining characteristics, such as the ability to burn, drown, electrocute or poison foes. You can choose to play two gamemodes. Arcade Mode gives you a full clip of any of the guns at random - when you empty it, you get a new one at random. Or Challenge Mode sees how good you are with individual weapons by giving you infinite of that and 1-5 star target kill counts. There is also an Arsenal where you can read up short descriptions on each of the weapons you've encountered.

Cattle Prod Challenge

Highest killcount with the Cattle Prod in a single run of its in-game challenge.
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DeveloperAllison James
Number of plays29897
Creation date14 Oct, 2021
Last updated15 Jun, 2022
Maturity rating17+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 17 or above.
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