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Arrows (or WQSD)Move
C (or Mouse Click)Attack
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Chickens invasion !
HINIHINI 日に日に ( "Day by Day") Help Hini-chan to save the city of Neo-Tokyo and destroy robots !
❤ How to play :
CHICKENS !!! Chickens EVERYWHERE. Catch them! Keyboard:
  • Move: Arrows (or WQSD)
  • Dash: Space
  • Attack: C (or Mouse Click)
  • Move: Left Analog Stick (or DPAD)
  • Dash: A (or any face buttons)
  • Attack: Right Trigger
____________________________ Team: Art/ https://twitter.com/Cheapcookiez Dev/ https://twitter.com/eresia\_dev Sound/ https://twitter.com/lopodyr All the art, soundtrack, and sfxs were created for the '' #NoticeMe' jam. ❤❤❤ Special Thanks go to:
  • Our friends for the feedback
  • coffee
  • Running Chickens
Thank you very much for taking the time to play and read this message ( ´•₎౩•` ) / Good luck on this challenge ! Chickens are lovely. I have one called Plankton. She is very cute and adorable. i had one called Mr.krabs too, she was her opposite, one day she appeared in a video of Cinnamontoastken, She is now famous. I dedicate that golden chicken to my beloved Mr.Krabs and Plankton.
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