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#NoticeMe Game Jam
GameMaker studio 2
#NoticeMe Game Jam

Imagine your game in an arcade machine! Create a game in GameMaker, publish it on GXC, and win. There's a $33,000 USD cash prize pool to win from, and a chance for your game to be featured in arcade machines!

Game Jam duration: March 4th - March 18th

Theme is...
Then the night changed everything

Everything was under control… Then suddenly the day turned to night and everything changed! Tons of monsters appeared. Gravity was turned off. The controls were reversed. What changed?

  • Two games with the best cover image, chosen by the judges, will receive an additional prize of $1,000 USD, so grab your tablets and get to drawing!
  • The top four games focused on a challenging, difficult and hilarious minigame will be awarded $1,750 USD each, in addition to the main prizes. Time to create RAGE moments.
Extra Credit
$10,000 USD1st place
$5,000 USD2nd place
$4,000 USD3rd place
$3,000 USD4th place
$2,000 USD5th place

Top 10 games - a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be uploaded into physical arcade machines, and played by thousands around the world. Talk about retro!

  • The top 10 games chosen by our judging panel, composed of members of GameMaker and Opera GX teams, will be put to a public vote on March 29th, where it will be up to YOU to pick the winners.
  • Top 5 games will be revealed on April 11th. PewDiePie will announce the winners in a video on his channel!
Please read and accept the official rules prior to participation as only those that have accepted the rules will be eligible to win the prizes. Read Official Rules
  • The game must incorporate the theme.
  • The game must be made using GameMaker Studio 2.
  • The game must be uploaded to GXC before March 18th at 23:59 (CET), with the Game Jam tag.
  • The game should have a simple control scheme, using one to four buttons and direction inputs to play.
  • Collaborations and teams are welcome.
  • No racism, sexism, homophobia, or other forms of bullying. Nothing illegal.
  • The game and all visual aspects should be made during the development period, however, you can use pre-made music, sound assets and fonts if you want.
  • Fan games and games using licensed characters won't be accepted as game jam entries
Feel free to squash those bugs and polish your build after the submission period.
1. How do I join the Game Jam? All you need to do is hit that register button at the top of the page and create an account in GXC. After that just apply the appropriate tag to your game, when uploading and you're golden! 2. When does the Game Jam start? Game Jam theme reveal and submission start will happen on March 4th. Submission period ends on March 18th at 23:59 (CET). 3. Can I use other game engines to make my submission? Sorry, only games made with GameMaker Studio 2 are allowed! 4. What if I win, but the laws of my country won't let me accept the monetary prize? In the scenario where the laws of your country forbid you from accepting a monetary prize due to your age or for any other reason, we will be forced to disqualify you from the game jam. 5. What if the jury doesn't agree with my interpretation of the game jam's theme? In the event of controversy, the Jury has the last word to determine whether a game incorporates the theme or not. The Jury's decision is final. 6. Does the entire game have to be made during the jam? Yes, however there are some exceptions to this. You can use commercially available music, sound effects and fonts, as long as you have permission to use them for the game jam by, for example, buying them. Moreover, you're allowed to apply necessary bug fixes to your game, after the submission period is over. However any major changes to the game done at that point will result in your disqualification. 7. Does my submission have to include elements from the Extra Credit section to win? Nope! Including a nice cover art might net you additional prize money, but won't have an impact on your standing in the main part of the game jam.
8. How many people can be in one team? How many you'd like! However, be aware that the prize money will have to be split between the team members. We recommend creating a joint profile for your group, or picking one person to be in charge of the project. 9. Who will judge the games? At first, all submissions will be judged by members of the GameMaker and Opera GX teams including head of GameMaker, Russel Kay and Product Direct for GX, Maciej Kocemba. After that, the community will pick their favorite five games in a public vote, which will open on the 29th of March and close on the 5th of April. 10. When and where will I see the arcade machine with my game? Due to production timelines and possible bug fixes, we anticipate around 3 months to ship our arcade machines. At the moment we are considering a number of different locations, such as museums, barcades and universities. They might even arrive in your home town! 11. Do I retain ownership of my game? Yes, the game remains solely yours! 12. How do I make a game in GameMaker Studio 2? Making a game with GameMaker Studio 2 is easier than you might think, not to mention free! Here are some links to tutorials you might find useful:   13. How do I upload a game to GXC? Easy - just follow this tutorial.