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An action RPG platforming game! Dive into a secret-packed world full of interesting creatures and characters. Embark on a quest to hunt down 3 demons plaguing the world with the help of your teammates.
After waking up in a celestial location you learn you are one of many angels that has been created by the All Fire. Angels are tasked with labors to maintain balance in different worlds. You are assigned to a squad of 3, tasked with hunting down 3 demons that are plaguing a specific world. Being recently created however, your teammates have no respect for you and out of concern for the world they decide they're better off without you. It's up to you to increase your skills, find your teammates, earn their respect, and hunt down these beings of malice.
Choose different dialogue options for a different outcome in the story! Dodge at any point to slip through any attack. Attacking, Dodging, and using Specials take stamina. Enemies have no contact damage, they must be attacking to damage you. Collect glint (money) by defeating enemies and attacking glint objects! Pause game to view stats, bestiary, inventory, and skill tree to level up & gain power and new abilities. Up to Interact. Stats save automatically, but must interact with checkpoint to save position. ~30 mins long
(Customizable controls coming soon!)
Move: Arrow Keys Jump: Space Attack: A Dodge: D Special: S Pause: Esc Map: Tab
Xbox Controller:
Move: Stick Jump: A Attack: X Dodge: B Special: Y Pause: Start Map: Select/Back
Developertipoland studio
Number of plays2,721
Release date22 Sep, 2022
Last updated19 Jul, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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