Become the repairman of the apocalypse in this defensive top-down zombie shooter. Featuring HD pixel art, mostly smooth gameplay, and decent music, what's not to love?
Kismet details
Transmission #459 incoming

My greatest friend and most loyal colleague, I bid you well on your survival. I have made sure to attach your Apocalypse Remedy Case And Dead End machine with the following features:

  • Menus that are functional majority of the time
  • Turrets and Blockades to defend your bunker
  • Upgradable gun
  • Syringes that make you go brrrrrr
  • Zombies and bigger zombies
  • Eggs
  • Whoops this isn't the grocery list
  • Four characters to pick from
  • Two locations to slay zombies at
  • An original soundtrack (Don't worry; I won't get offended if you put on lofi hip hop instead)
  • Endless waves of the undead
  • Secret Boss fight?

Just in case you forgot, the controls are as follows:

  • WASD to move
  • 1 and 2 to switch between shooting and building
  • right click to shoot
  • right mouse to repair defenses (in Build Mode)
  • left click to open menus for defenses (in Build Mode)
  • E to open blueprint book (in Build Mode)
  • Q to use syringes

(Note: Do NOT press the screen size or the _exit game _button because they were not made for GXC. I am planning on removing them for this version but in the meantime press F11 for fullscreen and press the X to exit.)

I will await your arrival at the Tapor Facility. Good luck to you, and may kismet be on your side.

End Transmission