Cartas Naves Espaciales
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Cartas Naves Espaciales

Spaceship Solitaire. A card game that requires the ability to accumulate as many points as possible by pairing cards with similar names. Are you ready to surpass yourself in each game and reach the maximum score of 13 possible pairs?
El Solitario de Naves Espaciales es un juego de cartas desafiante que requiere concentración y estrategia. Cada partida comienza con un mazo de 52 cartas, compuesto por 13 grupos de 4 cartas con nombres distintos. El objetivo es ir sacando cartas del mazo y colocarlas en tres filas diferentes con el fin de emparejarlas y acumular la mayor cantidad posible de puntos. La puntuación máxima se alcanza con 26 parejas correctamente emparejadas. Este juego es un desafío para cualquier amante de los juegos de cartas y brinda horas de entretenimiento y desafío intelectual. Spaceship Solitaire is a challenging card game that requires concentration and strategy. Each game begins with a 52-card deck, made up of 13 groups of 4 cards with different names. The objective is to draw cards from the deck and place them in three different rows in order to match them and accumulate the highest possible number of points. The maximum score is reached with 26 correctly matched pairs. This game is a challenge for any card game lover and provides hours of entertainment and intellectual challenge.
Developertornadeitor studio
Number of plays1,054
Release date05 Feb, 2023
Last updated05 Feb, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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