Sunflowers 'n Chickens
4 Players
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Sunflowers 'n Chickens

Take the role of a farmer on a mission to grow sunflowers!


Everything was great for the farmer. He spent every day doing what he loved, and what he loved was growing sunflowers. One day a horde of wild, hungry, nocturnal chickens invaded the land surrounding his farm and started causing trouble. He'd work all day planting seeds just to find that they were gone by the next morning, eaten by these pesky chickens. Now, he's finally had enough.... Sunflowers 'n Chickens is a farm sim by day and shooter by night. The goal of the game is to plant as many sunflowers as you can while in a challenge to get the high-score!` During the day:
  • Prepare soil for seeds
  • Plant seeds
  • Water seeds and sprouts
  • Purchase goods from the traveling salesman``
During the night:
  • Defend your seeds from being eaten by chickens
  • If you have no seeds planted, watch out, the chickens are coming for you!``
Move with W,S,A,D or the left joystick of a controller. Use tools and confirm selections with space or "A" on a controller.
Twitter - This game was made for the #NoticeMe game jam.


Developermischievousbanditgames studio
Number of plays431
Creation date15 Mar, 2022
Last updated13 Mar, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.

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