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Soulvester VS Lil' Beezey
Soulvester VS Lil' Beezey
Lil' Beezey and his army of Horrorballs are trying to take over Winkletown! Equip your Gooze Cannon and show him who rules the roost in this compact arcade shoot 'em up with roguelite elements!
Soulvester VS Lil' Beezey details


Lil' Beezey is trying to take over Winkletown! As Soulvester, you must fight off his army of Horrorballs and defeat him!

Take on the challenge now in this side scrolling shooter inspired by classic arcade games, created in just 14 days for the #NoticeMe game jam 2022! The theme was "Then The Night Changed Everything".

Fullscreen gameplay recommended.


  • Full HD, lovingly animated 2D visuals!
  • Fully voice-acted cutscenes and gameplay...get roasted by Lil' Beezey as you close in on him!
  • Random Upgrades & Perks! Levelling up not only makes both you and the enemy stronger; each item gives Soulvester a unique cosmetic upgrade!
  • Full custom soundtrack!
  • Stat tracking! Check how many runs you've made, how many times you have beaten Lil' Beezey, and how many Horrorballs you have mercilessly K.O'd.
  • Super accessible! Hit the arcade with only a two-button mouse required to play!

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_**DOWNLOAD THE STANDALONE GAME HERE: **_https://madebychaz.itch.io/soulvester-vs-lil-beezey