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Hard Mode
628 Players
Hard Mode
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Nolucky133730 600pts
Normal Mode
15258 Players
Normal Mode
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juanchirulo200847 706pts
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Move with the mouse and hoverChoose the shape to fly through
GX Menu


Practice shape recognition in the casual NORMAL mode or test your shape reflexes in the quick paced HARD mode!
Move with the mouse and hover over the desired shape to fly through it! Click on the back button in the bottom left corner to head back to the menu.
Mode Differences
NORMAL MODE: This is the mode to learn about shapes! It goes at a slow pace and slowly speeds up. Great for kids 6 - 10! HARD MODE: This mode is less "educational" and more quick thinking! Great for everyone!
Why I made this
I recently have seen a lot of education games that seem to be really boring, so I decided to try making an education game that was actually fun to play, even if you already know about shapes!
DeveloperBenjamin Halko
Number of plays70,000+
Release date26 Apr, 2022
Last updated14 Aug, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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