Notice me Leena-senpai!
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Controls for Title Menu
WASD Move and Add/Subtract
ESelect and Cancel
Controls for the Grid during Build Mode:
WASD Controls movement on the grid
E Select and Confirm
Q Sell selected Tower
Spacebar Cancel
Escape Skip the remaining timer and start the wave
Controls during Purchase Mode
AD Cycle through towers available for purchase
E Select and Confirm
Spacebar Cancel
Controls during Leena Mode
WS Move Up or Down
Spacebar Shoot magic at enemies
Controls for Cutscenes
SpacebarSkip cutscene
EContinue the dialogue
Keyboard Controls
GX Menu

Notice me Leena-senpai!

The Demon Lords army is attacking, but where is our army? Oh no! Save us Leena-senpai!
Notice me Leena-senpai is a grid based tower defense game. You can buy, sell and upgrade towers to help defend the city and also control the player to shoot spirit monsters that only the player can destroy. Fight through 35 waves of monsters and help Leena drive back the forces of evil in this fast paced tower defense game!
We're now on Kickstarter!
  • Yanako RPG's twitter:
  • GameDevTosh Twitter: Steam coming soon!\_me\_Leenasenpai/
  • Controls for Title Menu: WASD - Move and Add/Subtract. E - Select and Cancel.
  • Controls for the Grid during Build Mode: WASD - Controls movement on the grid. E - Select and Confirm. Q - Sell selected Tower. Spacebar - Cancel. Escape - Skip the remaining timer and start the wave.
  • Controls during Purchase Mode: AD - Cycle through towers available for purchase. E - Select and Confirm. Spacebar - Cancel.
  • Controls during Leena Mode: WS - Move Up or Down. Spacebar - Shoot magic at enemies (affects only spirit monsters)
  • Controls for Cutscenes: Spacebar - Skip the Cutscene. E - Continue the Dialogue.
Tower Information
  • Clerics will heal anything one cell to their right and themselves. They're also considered Walls.
  • Strikers will attack anything up to 2 cells away from them.
  • Casters have infinite range.
  • Archers arrows are AoE.
  • Warriors will unleash sword attacks in the form of a wave slash that can hit 3 lanes.
  • Leena can only shoot spirit monsters, which spawn only at night.
Change log: Game Version 1.0.6: Now adds all high scores that beat the local high score to the high score challenge automatically. Change log: Game Version 1.0.9: The grid is now limited during the day to make it clear only three lanes are in use. Grid will expand to all lanes right before night begins. Cursor color changed. Grid is now drawn during build mode only. Removed fire zone line. Change log: Game Version 1.1.0: Waves now reach up to wave 35. Added two new enemies for the new waves. Change log: Game Version 1.1.1: Visual guide added to title menu to better understand how to navigate it using WASD and E. Change log: Game Version 1.1.2: Fixed a bug where upgrade menu was showing the wrong tower name.
Developergamedevtosh studio
Number of plays200,000+
Release date18 Mar, 2022
Last updated21 Nov, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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