360 Degrees
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Mouse & keyboard

Left Mouse Button


Middle Mouse Button


Right Mouse Button



Force Restart


Assist Key Revert


Assist Key Balance

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360 Degrees

Flip and trick your way across the park in this quirky mouse-controlled skating game.


Destroy the streets of Melbourne in this Tony Hawk inspired 2D skating game. Use the mouse to direct your board and do flips, competing against other Newgrounds users online through the highscore system. This game was made for a rapid prototyping class over the course of two weeks, but lots of friends decided to pitch in their talents by offering over their artwork and original music specifically for this! I'm so so so thankful for all the lovely people I know. Thank you all so much. <3 Even though I wish I had more time to polish this game, all things must come to an end! You need to know when to finish shiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
  • **Left Mouse Button ** - Jump
  • Middle Mouse Button - Revert
  • Right Mouse Button - Grab
  • F2 - Force Restart
  • A/D/Left/Right - Assist Key Revert
  • **W/Up **- Assist Key Balance
Credits: Stepford (Programmer & Primary Artist) : https://twitter.com/Stepf0rd Wooly (Cover/Banner Artist) : https://twitter.com/babylon1nlammas Music credits can be seen in the top left, all used with permission or made for this game. Spraypaint art was made by 60+ individual artists specifically for this project:
  1. 3amsoda
  2. alexd0tnet
  3. andyland
  4. anoriginaljoke
  5. bingowaders
  6. capercube
  7. conundrym
  8. corruptmodule
  9. doctorwaffle
  10. drawingslowly
  11. dreadywailer
  12. droid
  13. dungeonation
  14. dylz49
  15. elmasporonga223
  16. ender2709
  17. flamingpickle
  18. ghosthat1
  19. goljie
  20. gooberthed
  21. halve11
  22. jonline
  23. kagoriyuki
  24. kikupa
  25. kingcrowned
  26. kolani
  27. lionsnotice
  28. loopies
  29. lordscout
  30. marv
  31. midgetsausage
  32. migmoog
  33. mrpakoman
  34. mzza
  35. ozzie
  36. perhapsnameless
  37. peti
  38. pinkibirdi
  39. pollenpvtch
  40. pom
  41. postelvis
  42. renren
  43. rizumuplus
  44. roligtjackson
  45. ryve
  46. sangiez
  47. scootakip
  48. lewdraccoon
  49. silverscarf
  50. sirmilkman
  51. skyphsnsocks
  52. someape
  53. super
  54. sussybagel
  55. toppleng
  56. tsuyoxmr
  57. unvenprankster
  58. wemz16
  59. witheredapricot
  60. xlyphon
  61. young44
  62. yurikadry
  63. renchuaye


DeveloperStepford studio
Number of plays154,377
Creation date14 Mar, 2022
Last updated25 May, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.

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