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In This Together
In This Together
Play as Mae and her solar-powered robot S-03 in this arcade-style shooter, as they fight to survive waves of the goo-like creatures that inhabit the dark forest. Things change when the sun goes down, but no matter what, they're in this together.
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In This Together


In This Together is an arcade-style shooter game!

Goo-like creatures roam the dark, enchanted wood of a nearby village. They were never much of a problem - until they attacked. One by one, they flooded into the town, decimating everything in their way. Who will stop them?

Play as Mae and her solar-powered robot, S-03, as they venture into the dark forest to battle the "Goopies" terrorizing her home. It might not seem so bad at first, but as the day turns to night, don't expect something powered by sunlight to work the way it's supposed to! Nightfall brings a new challenge your way.

  • Play as Mae! A young girl with a talent for engineering. And a stun shotgun. A stun gun. Stun shot. One of those.
  • Play as S-03! An advanced A.I. exosuit robot, built by Mae to combat the Goopies. Solar-powered, so keep away from darkness.

  • Test your mettle! Encounter a variety of unique enemies to defeat.
  • Adapt and Overcome! Change your strategy based on which character you're playing as.
  • Survive as long as you can! Fight wave after wave and get the highest score you can.

  • A modern take on the classic, old-school arcade game! Controlled completely by the keyboard, with no mouse input required.

Includes all original art, sound effects, and soundtracks!

Font: Retro Gaming by Daymarius - https://www.dafont.com/retro-gaming.font


Movement: WASD

Shooting: ARROW keys (Hold)

*Please play in FULLSCREEN for best experience!

Created in 2 weeks for the #NoticeMe Game Jam.

Apologies in advance if the game is a little buggy due to the tight development timeline!