Last Row Sim
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Last Row Sim

A sim of the final stretch of OSRS ToA P4 wardens, for practicing insanity runs without having to spend 30 minutes getting to it. Check options from the title screen or the cog icon for game and volume options.
A sim of OSRS ToA P4 wardens
based on\_of\_Amascut/Strategies#The\_Wardens
Download files to play locally
Here's the (unorganized and not cleaned up) Gamemaker files to download and run locally if you're having issues with the browser version. Download Gamemaker and file>open the project here:
Options currently include:
  • boss attack toggles and endless mode
  • player health/weapon and a couple UI toggles
  • sound options
Features not included in the initial release, since I wanted to get early feedback, but would like to include at some point:
  • simulated latency
  • ctrl+click to walk
  • zebak path level for faster projectiles
  • more tile marking options (destination tile, hovered tile)
  • prayer point management
  • keris healing option (equip & spec bubble)
  • more game modes (extra hard mode, low prayer, etc)
  • more player options (weapons, starting health, starting supplies, etc)
Inspired by these sims: And a big thank you to PuzzleDrop for the initial help and sol sim files to get me started on making this
V1.0.1 - Fixed lightning damage and visual timing, added patch notes feature. V1.0.2 - Added ping option and ctrl click walk, baba now starts his cycle 0-2 ticks after lightning. V1.0.3 - More lightning fixes, added audio and "wind-up" delay to projectiles
Developerburntfish44 studio
Number of plays2,059
Release date28 Mar, 2024
Last updated08 Apr, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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