1 Girl 2 Cups
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1 Girl 2 Cups

Wakka wakka, motherlovers.


Co-created with Nocturne Games in 2015. Wakka wakka, motherlovers. You're an innocent, dual-uzi-wielding bikini-clad girl trapped in a Japanese burial ground, and the inhabitants aren't having any of it, in this fast-paced arena shooter. Dash around, collecting ammunition for your uzis. Find new and exotic weapons: like the Katana that is made out of purest grade aluminium maybe! Or the flamethrower that is secretly powered by love! Or maybe you're more into the inner workings of the chainsaw, since you're a bit of a carpentry fanatic... or are delusional and think that all the enemies are trees. Game bears no relation to any particularly grim online videos besides having an extremely silly name coined in 2015, that 2021 Allison slightly regrets.


DeveloperAllison James
Number of plays18581
Creation date23 Nov, 2021
Last updated05 Aug, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating17+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 17 or above.
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