Nanomon Virtual Pet GX
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Nanomon Virtual Pet GX

Nanomon gives you the chance to raise a pet monster from the safety of your own desktop!


Nanomon Virtual Pet GX is an early version of a game coming in 2024! Join our Discord for more updates: WISHLIST the game on steam:\_Virtual\_Pet/ Train together, enjoy exotic foods, and scoop their poop to achieve their life goal - from Master Fisherman, to Stoic Vampire Hunter. Exploring the world with your unique partner will appeal to any connoisseur of creature collecting games, Y2K nostalgia, and relaxing RPGs! 🥚 Raise a unique Nanomon in the style of classic digital pet games! 🍖 Feed them exotic foods to discover new evolutions 💩 Clean poop! 🧭 Uncover a bizarre world inspired by Adventure Time, Digimon, and Tamagotchi 🎣 Enjoy dozens of activities like Fishing, Stick-ball, and Dungeon-diving! 🥊 Level up your monster's abilities through the game's neural network 💣 Fight in fast-paced battles while exploring to world! Hatched from the depths of your computer, Nanomon come to you to be cared for, raised and trained to achieve their Life Goal -- a dream unique to every Nanomon. Will you help your monster become a sports star? A chef? Or simply The Strongest? Feed them, fight them, or just chill with them! Whatever you choose to do with your Nanomon, it will always be a unique experience!


Number of plays40,000+
Release date15 Jul, 2023
Last updated03 Oct, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.

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