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The Race Factory - GX Edition
The Race Factory - GX Edition
Top-Down local multiplayer racing with a variety of game modes, vehicle classes and environments.
The Race Factory - GX Edition details

++What Is TRF?++

The Race Factory is a fast-paced top-down racer, made with an emphasis on customization, and an enjoyable single/multiplayer experience, with AI supported in all modes, both in single player and multiplayer. Taking inspiration from arcade racing games of the 80's and 90's. Featuring drift physics, power-ups to give you the advantage over the competition, and plenty of customization, the aim is to have a fun multiplayer experience, with plenty of variety to keep you entertained!

++Game Features:++

  • 12 Game Modes, including Race, Elimination (Micro Machines style), Drift, Infection, Cops & Racers, Time Attack and more!
  • Play locally on one PC with 4 players in split-screen. AI are supported in all modes.
  • 20 Race Tracks and 3 Battle Arenas for you to race and battle on, a track editor is included with the game, which was used to make all the tracks included!
  • 6 Vehicle Classes, Street, Sport, Super, Hyper, as well as Karts & Speedboats
  • A variety of power-ups are available to mess with your opponents, from a Bolt that will force your target into a drift, a Strike that will hit the driver in 1st position, a nifty Nitro to boost yourself ahead of the pack, to a Shield that will help you stay there!
  • Event settings & Mutators allowing you to change the time of day, weather, teams, toggle weapons/collisions, drafting, catch-up and more!
  • Customize the cosmetics of your car by buying unlocks from the in-game shop.

Default Controls:

W - Accelerate

A/D - Steer

S - Brake

E - Fire Weapon

F - Lights

Controls are listed and can be reconfigured in the options menu.