Captured Echoes
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Captured Echoes

When a being from another galaxy threatens earth, only you and 3 friends can collect the Echoes and stop them! | Controls: Z- Interact | X- Back, Skip Dialogue | Arrow Keys- Move | Q and W - Select character inventory in shop | Enter- Access menu
This game is a long-term open development project of mine, It started as a TSA project but is evolving into a full game that's a love letter to RPG games as a whole. I hope that you enjoy the game! Our discord server is, come join if you're a fan of the project and want to see updates or you would like to join the dev team so the game gets finished quicker! Plot Summary: When Max, a 17 year old farm boy from Apple discovers that the world is under attack from Sonusar, he quickly sets off on an adventure to stop him! He is joined by Ricky the Rat, Cosma the Comic Girl, and Jayx the Robot who all adventure to places such as Clemton, Snowberg, The Sea of Eden, The Isle of Deltropina to stop Sonusar. Fight fun enemies! Meet cool characters! Stop Sonusar at all costs in this epic adventure!
DeveloperNoah-Dubzz studio
Number of plays1,149
Release date27 Jan, 2024
Last updated30 Mar, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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