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A short turn-based puzzle game made in 48 hours for the "Tales Of Us" Game Jam.


A short turn-based puzzle game made in 48 hours for the "Tales Of Us" Game Jam. Story: The game is based on the "Solomonar" myth from Romanian folklore. Solomonars are wizards, blessed with the power of controlling the weather. It is said that each Solomonar is able to control a Balaur, a giant winged snake, which has the ability to enhance their already supernatural powers. One legend states that these wizards travel from village to village, usually dressed as beggars, and ask for food or shelter. Denying their request will bring bad weather over the village, but they also offer rewards to those who help. Gameplay: Defend the village by using the Solomonar's abilities. Abilities:
  1. Thunder - Does 1 damage to an enemy.
  2. Rain - Affects enemies with the "Wet" status.
  3. Wind - Knocks back an enemy and damages those in it's way.
  4. Enhance - Use the power of your Balaur to make your abilities stronger for 1 round.
Combo System - mix and match different abilities to destroy enemies faster. Example:
  1. Use wind on wet enemies to freeze them.
  2. Use thunder on frozen enemies to shatter them.
Controls - Mouse and Keyboard only!


DeveloperOcO studio
Number of plays70
Release date25 Nov, 2022
Last updated25 Nov, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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