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An indie, adventure RPG where you undertake a quest to save your mother through a descent to the ocean floor. A short and sweet experience, complemented by playful pixel art and three original soundtracks, with a 30-min playtime. Ready to dive?


Dive is an indie, adventure RPG game! You stand beside your mother as she sleeps. You watch as her breathing moves the sheets up and down. Unfortunately, she isn’t feeling too well, and she hasn’t been getting better. The local fisherman, in his everlasting wisdom, tells you that there is one thing that might help your mother recover - an ingredient. Specifically, a plant. Specifically, specifically, the Secca fern. With it, he can create a remedy to counter the effects of the illness. The only thing is… It’s all the way at the bottom of the ocean. It’s up to you to reach the ocean floor and retrieve these plants. You might not be strong enough at first, but that’s ok. You acquire a scuba mask and fishing net from the Fisherman and go on your way. You don’t know what you need a fishing net for, but maybe it has something to do with that mysterious structure you spot to the east. Armed with your equipment and your own two feet, you set off on your quest to reach the Secca fern. Can you dive deep enough to save your mom? Features
  • Meet the local sage! Talk to the Fisherman, a wise man who has been taking care of your mother since she fell ill. Ask him for advice on catching fish and how to progress in your journey.
  • Traverse the ocean! Swim alongside and catch three different species of fish, each with their own unique movement patterns.
  • Upgrade your abilities! A mysterious structure towards the east houses three peculiar pedestals that claim to make you stronger. But to receive these gifts, you’ll have to give some gifts of your own.
  • Test your mettle! How many fish can you catch before you run out of breath? Keep an eye on your breath meter and don’t stay underwater too long.
  • Peruse your journal! Read through your journal entries to see how far along you’ve come in your quest and what else still needs to be accomplished.
  • Save your mom! Find and retrieve the necessary ingredients for your mother’s remedy. Only then will she be able to recover.
  • Bonus: discover a treasure chest! If you’ve saved your mother, there might be a treasure chest somewhere just waiting to be opened.
  • A modern take on the classic, old-school arcade game! Controlled completely by the keyboard, with no mouse input required.
  • Short and sweet! A game meant to be played in 30-45 minutes.
  • Playful pixel art! Carefully crafted and drawn completely in GMS2.
  • 3 original soundtracks! Lovingly recorded and edited for your listening pleasure :)
  • 15+ original sound effects! Created using Foley.


Developerslothy studio
Number of plays5,203
Creation date21 Oct, 2021
Last updated09 Jun, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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