Tales of Espen
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WMove Up
AMove Left
SMove Down
DMove Right
Items & Combat
Shift or LMBSlash Attack
CTRL or RMBUse Item
E or Mousewheel UpItem Select Up
Q or Mousewheel DownItem Select Down
RConsume Food
TToggle Food Up
YToggle Food Down
UI & Misc
EscStart Menu
PSummon Pet
LDismiss Pet
NToggle Pet Up
MToggle Pet Down
FRelease Gas
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Tales of Espen

Save regularly to avoid progress loss! Please provide details if you encounter a bug for a fix! Apologies, due to college and UE5 training i'll be pausing updates. Appreciate any feature requests too! PJM Discord: InfiniteFlopz#3549
Background story in the game intro! Achieve the maximum of ten hearts in Area 1 by completing 7/7 quests. Complete the Ruby Crown quest and Syo's sword quest with 7/7 area 2 quests to move on to spooky island. Quick trip to spooky island via boat to complete the 2/2 quests on the island. Area 3 is accessible by boat afterwards but is under construction! Controls in-game via signposts at various points and pause menu. There is AFK rewards from your farm once upgraded and a daily run for tickets to spend on talent points in the inventory. Leave a rating if you enjoy as I'll be continually updating the game. Make sure to save and continue regularly to avoid much progress loss. Music Licenses: Renewal, Falling Leaves, Cleansing Rain & Echoes Of The Soul by Ron Gelinas Chillout Lounge Tranvik, Timeout & Rainy Days by Scandinavianz & others from Pixabay royalty free music and sound effects.
Developerinfiniteflopz studio
Number of plays2,257
Release date18 Jul, 2022
Last updated20 Jan, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating10+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 10 or above.
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