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Glitch Attack Arcade
Glitch Attack is a pixel art mesh-up of a classic arcades with a match 3 genres. Diffuse the glitches by matching their color before they destroy your shields. Once your shields are down the System will go wild.
Glitch Attack Arcade details
Game Description

Glitch Attack is a mesh-up of a classic arcades with a match 3 genres done in a pixel art style.

In Glitch Attack you get to play for Boxy and Bally - two robots who get attacked by glitches - a race of aliens who feed of the systems on the wandering spaceships.

Your ultimate goal is to prevent to glitches from overtaking your system as they invade your network grid by 'diffusing' as many same glitches as possible.

To diffuse the glitches you will have to switch the color of your bot to match with at least 2 boxes in neighboring cells and the hit the 'diffuse' button. See control reference for more details.



Player 1:

  • A-D -> move left and right
  • W -> Jump
  • W (twice) -> double jump
  • S -> switch the color
  • Space -> diffuse the glitch boxes

Player 2:

  • Left / Right -> well you got it...
  • Up -> Jump
  • Up twice -> Double Jump
  • Down -> switch the color
  • Enter -> diffuse the glitch boxes


With every glitch stacking up in your network the respective system protection is being compromised. When 10 glitches of same colors stack up the system starts to glitch making it harder to protect your network:

Grey Glitch - Social Engineering:


Hijacks the sensitive data about the spaceship protectors by disguising itself.

Makes all stacked glitches to be the same color, so pay attention to the glitch icon!

Blue Glitch - DDOS attack


Hacks the systems by spamming the service provider with requests from different sources.

When the system is hacked it can no longer provide decent service, so it takes you more time to switch the color.

Green Glitch - XSS attack


Launches the malicious scripts leading to appearance of uncontrolled glitches that try to stop you, whenever they can.

Red Glitch - CSRF attack


Tricks the system admin AI on your spaceship and temporarily blocks the cells on your network grid, preventing you from diffusing new glitches.

Game Over conditions:

You are the most sophisticated system protection there is on the ship, so the game ends when you get destroyed.

When one of these conditions happen, your self-destruction protocol is launched and you have 10 seconds to save the day:

All 4 system protection modules are hacked by glitches You'll have to diffuse enough glitches to restore at least one protection module (color).


When or you get stuck under the pile of glitches, your system is being hacked by glitches directly, so act fast to get out of the trap by diffusing glitches around you (if you or your partner can do this, of course).


Game is developed during the by the team of Moonizmaniacs:

Serhiy Shyryayev (aka JokeSlinger)

Game Design


Denys Kupets (aka retroshaper)

Music and SFX

GFX and effects

We are a duet of passionate generalists united in our goals to build fun and thought-provoking games.