Alchemist's Mountain Demo 2021
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Alchemist's Mountain Demo 2021

This is an early demo featuring the first dungeon of Alchemist's Mountain, a hi-bit pixel art adventure of intricate dungeon design! It is an adventure of transmutation, turning sorrow into joy and drawing meaning from the meaningless.


Updates and Community Evil Art Bunny Studios Discord: Development Inspired by video game classics, Alchemist's Mountain seeks to take level design and push it to its zenith. And at the same time tell a story that inspires us to recognise the hard parts of life as the base material from which we forge things of beauty. Alchemist's Mountain was born in Metroidvania Jam 2, where it won first place! And since then its concept has been developed and refined by a solo indie dev (while changing nappies and extracting teeth). Story Ever since she was young, Sophia has listened to her father tell her the tales of the eccentric Alchemist and his miraculous creations. Now the ruins of the Alchemist's kingdom lie open to those brave or foolish enough to plunder them. Help Sophia ascend to the peak of mountain by unraveling the devious and intricate puzzles of the dungeons that guard the Alchemist's Mountain. You'll need all your wits and some quick reflexes, as the dungeons grow more complex and dangerous as you explore the dark heart of the Mountain and its desolate frozen peak. And in the journey to the summit, perform the most fundamental aspect of being: transmutation of the elements. Darkness to Light, Sorrow to Joy, and bringing forth Meaning from the Meaningless.


DeveloperEvil Art Bunny Studios
Number of plays11,643
Creation date23 Nov, 2021
Last updated02 Sep, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.