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Veil of Dust: A Homesteading Game - Demo
A story-driven survival/ farm RPG about learning to live after loss. Craft tools, food & home upgrades. Build relationships & discover a world beyond the veil. Farm, forage, hunt, fight, & explore the 1860's frontier. Help us grow: Wishlist on Steam!
Veil of Dust: A Homesteading Game - Demo details

Veil of Dust: A Homesteading Game is a historically-grounded fantasy homesteading game about finding your way after loss. Accompany the Callahan siblings, Shane and Áine, as they learn to cope in the wake of the complete upset of their lives - journey through magic, intrigue and small-town politics to resolve the sudden appearance of dangerous, magical beasts.

(Game controls in esc menu under "Game Hints" tab)


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(You can also find the strategy guide here, if you're struggling)


Farm, Forage, & Hunt to Survive

Living in the desert isn't easy, but the magical abilities that force the protagonists to isolate themselves also helps them make the most of the environment. Farm, forage, and hunt to scrape by in the sparse desert of Eastern Oregon.

Unravel a Mystery

Guide Shane and Áine through the twists and turns of their search for answers about the monster attacks that threaten their fragile livelihood. Where will this undertaking lead these unlikely adventurers?

Forge Relationships

Survival isn't just about finding food and shelter. It's also about making life worth living. The support and attention of loved ones, romantic and otherwise, will bolster your spirit and give you strength.

Fight & Prevail

A homesteader isn't usually well-equipped for armed struggle, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your sibling to defend your homestead against magical monsters.

Cook & Craft

Frontier cuisine is more about filling bellies than making an impression - scrape together what you can to conquer scarcity. Overcome challenges with tools and handicrafts that you create.