ENYO Arcade
ENYO Arcade
ENYO is trying to let go of an old Dystopia. It's also a 2d action platformer that does not require destroying things.
ENYO Arcade details

ENYO Arcade resembles a modern 2d action platformer. Notable for its unique gameplay, depth in atmosphere and merciless action. Avoid or fight various hazards and find your way to the exit in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Violence is not required to complete this game!

ENYO Arcade is also a growing piece of expression radiating a chaotic nebular that I'm still trying to decipher myself.

Controls: WASD, SPACE + Mouse or Gamepad


  • Includes non-violent path
  • 16+ unique AI types
  • High quality sub-pixel art at 60 frames per second with attention to details
  • Tight and responsive controls - always stay in direct control of the action
  • No 'holding hands and leading the way'
  • Atmospheric audio visual experience
  • Keyboard controls can be remapped!
  • OST with 14 energetic tracks

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Known issues:

Stereo sound currently deactivated the audio listener is centered in the room.