Archa (Half-Alpha Demo)
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A & DWalk Left or Right
MScythe Attack (Gun if in the air)
M (Big Shot Meter Full)Big Shot Attack
N (on air)Double Jump
NNeutral Attack (Double Jump if in the air)
N + WalkSide Attack
J/K/LUse Card
IChange Card Deck
GX Menu

Archa (Half-Alpha Demo)

As Archa, fight enemies, use your cards, and collect items and coins to raise your score to complete the first level in the Half-Alpha demo for this upcoming action-packed platformer!
Title Screen: Left/Right Arrow Keys: Next Option Enter: Select Gameplay: A/D: Walk Space: Jump M: Scythe Attack (Gun when on the air, Big Shot when the meter is full.) Space/A/D + N: Special Attacks
  • N: Butterfly
  • A/D + N: Purple Flames
  • Air N: Double-Jump
B: Use Item (Coming Soon) R: Reset Room Shift: Focus (slows the player down and shows the player's hurtbox) J/K/L: Use Card I: Change Deck
This will be included in the full game.
Full Game Release Date
Probably around the middle of the 2020's.
What's new?
0.A.051 Changelog:
  • Fixed a bug where Camy's dialogue would appear twice if the player is too close to them.
0.A.050 Changelog:
  • Archa's design and animations have now been completely revamped!
  • The First level is now completed!
  • Added golden items
  • Added Camy
  • Added a dialogue system
  • Added a card system
  • Changed the Title Screen and its Music
  • Removed the Minigun Item. It's now usable as a card.
  • Added Music composed by OPagel (me)
  • Changed the score system
  • Added Thigs and Clops enemies
  • Reworked Snow City's tileset
  • Added Trees to the background
  • Added a level end goal
  • Added an automatic game-balancing system
  • Removed the small flame projectile from the Double Jump
  • The bullet's speed has been increased
2.11.2023 Changelog:
  • The game has been rebranded to Archa.
  • Balancing Changes.
  • The UI is now in the bottom of the screen.
  • Revamped Title Screen.
  • 3 new logo intros.
  • Archa now has a minigun attack and a cyan-and-pink bow.
  • Background elements have been added and modified.
  • juicy ketchup.
  • The Big Shot now has an effect when used.
  • The Big Shot meter can now be filled up by attacking enemies.
  • The hampter's location has been changed.
  • The Double-Jump now shoots a small flame that can attack enemies.
  • Removed the non-functioning challenge and its code.
Number of plays953
Release date15 Jan, 2023
Last updated21 Nov, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating13+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 13 or above.
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