Stuffed Animals vs Demons
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Stuffed Animals vs Demons

The war between stuffed animals and demons burns strong in the night...


Stuffed Animals vs Demons is a sidescrolling beat em up arcade style game with support for two player coop.
  • Attract Mode
  • 2 stages
  • Boss fight
  • Auto detects gamepads
  • Start - Start button
  • Directions - D-pad or left stick
  • Attack - xInput: X , psx: Square
  • Jump - xInput: A, psx: X
Stuffed Animals vs Demons is best played with gamepads, but failing that the keyboard controls are: Player One:
  • Start - F
  • Directions - WASD
  • Attack - N
  • Jump - M
Player Two:
  • Start - 5 (numpad)
  • Directions - Arrow Keys
  • Attack - 2 (numpad)
  • Jump - 3 (numpad)
Debug/Test Mode
Since Stuffed Animals vs Demons is a prototype made for the #NoticeMe Game Jam, I added in a stage skip so that people can try out different parts of the game a little easier:
  • CTRL + D - Toggle debug mode on and off
While in Debug Mode:
  • 1 - skip to Stage 1
  • 2 - skip to Stage 2
  • 3 - skip to Boss Fight
  • Programming: Mushroomstick
  • Pixel art, animation, etc. : Mushroomstick
  • Music / Sfx : Licensed via a Game dev themed Humble Bundle
#NoticeMe Game Jam


Developermushroomstick studio
Number of plays602
Creation date18 Mar, 2022
Last updated25 Apr, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.

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