In the Hall of the Copper King
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In the Hall of the Copper King

A calm exploration game in which you venture through an ancient cavern to awake the Copper King - the last hope of Copperbeard dwarves. Gather resources, find magical artifacts, resist the greedy shades, and bring the King a shiny and kingly gift.
The King is asleep. His burden was too heavy. Wake him up. In the Hall of the Copper King is a calm atmospheric exploration platformer in which you play as a Copperbeard dwarf. Your goal is to awake the sleeping King, hidden inside an ancient cavern. In order to do that you must offer him a shiny and kingly gift. Venture into the cavern's depths, gather resources, find magical artifacts, and resist the greedy shades protecting the riches. The game saves your progress, so feel free to close the game and return later. Gamepad is supported. Game originally created in a week for Miedź Jam 2021.
Number of plays200,000+
Release date20 Oct, 2021
Last updated09 Jun, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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