A grid-based puzzle game where all you need to do is get to the end. Simple, right?
Coda details

CODA was initially made for the Local Utah Indie Jam in under 48 hours with the theme Reincarnation. Since the jam, additional puzzles, mechanics and features have been added. The current version of the game has 10 levels.

How to play:

  • Get your little guy into the goal by any means necessary. Trust me, it's not as straightforward as you might think

WASD - move around U - Undo last move R - Restart level M - Go to main menu

Features accessibility options including:

  • colorblind friendly palette toggle
  • particles toggle
  • screen shake toggle

Stuck? A few hints:

  • Any block movement will happen sequentially among blocks, starting with those closest to the direction its moving

  • Any player deaths will happen AFTER movement and rotation is completed

  • Any movement will be in relation to the BASE that the block started on (meaning you may potentially have 2 or more moves if the block's path was previously blocked) (**Hint hint level 9**)

SFX: free to use assets -