mimimage alpha
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mimimage alpha

A unique action puzzle platformer where you play as a cute mage and create your own spells. This is the alpha version and it's open to changes and improvements
Mimimage Alpha
Controls: Left arrow: move left. right arrow: move right. space: jump. space:(while clinging to a wall): wall-jump. up arrow: enter door, use teleport crystal.(need to be in contact with a door or a crystal) down arrow: crouch. C key: basic attack and if you activated at least a rune cast spell) C: basic attack, but of you have one or more runes activated you cast a spell Z,X,A,S,D: activate rune. (each rune has it's own corresponding key and are unlocked as they become available. V: Use spell saved on your wand M: mute/un-mute. Enter: Pause. Updates: Fixed the bugs of the spinning fireballs. Also took the chance to rework them. Fixed a bug that gave players a short time to move after getting defeated by a box. When you attack in the air your fall slows down instead of stopping. Fixed a bug that caused a little hiccup when falling on the ground, now you will be able to instantly jump after touching the ground from long heights. Hope this improves the game experience. Will be updating periodically......
Developerdiegopalacios studio
Number of plays1,003
Release date15 Jul, 2022
Last updated15 Jul, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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