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Endless mode!
22 Players
Endless mode!
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Save the cows!
3 Players
Save the cows!
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Left-click and dragfit adapters to cows, and wash them afterwards
Controls (mouse)
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Prove your multi-tasking skills by managing a stable full of unstable cattle!
UNSTABLE: The UNstable cattle STABLE
This stable has a problem: The cows haven't been milked for a long time and they are so close to exploding! Good that you are a modern multi-tasking milking robot, who is there to help! But if only there was a universal adapter for all the cows...
Controls (only left klick)
  • **Drag **the right adapters to the fitting cow.
  • **Wash **the adapters afterwards!
  • Lvl 1: Keep adapters clean.
  • Lvl 3: Switch adapters with robot cow.
  • When cows are not milked for too long it makes them ouch!
Code by rucksack Art by LLlarsO Music by yurgio
DeveloperStudio Ghrabbli
Number of plays20,000+
Release date18 Oct, 2021
Last updated09 Apr, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating10+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 10 or above.
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