The Ends of the Earth
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The Ends of the Earth

A casual adventure/rpg about a boy who digs a hole. Embark on an underground journey, meet strange creatures, battle powerful enemies, and discover unique treasures. Dig, explore, and dig some more until you reach the end of the earth.
  • WASD: movement and melee combat.
  • Spacebar: interact with objects and npc's (an icon will appear onscreen when able to interact, can also click on icon).
  • Mouse: navigate menus, use/move items in inventory, fire ranged weapons.
Play tutorial for additional gameplay explanation
Game Guide below if stuck in-game
  • explore area/town for additional items/equipment
  • dig to sewers
  • navigate sewers
  • defeat boss for exit key
  • exit sewers and continue digging
  • navigate through roach hive
  • defeat boss for new digging tool
  • continue digging
  • dig until sandstone blocks progress
  • travel through forest north of town
  • navigate through haunted mansion
  • defeat boss for new digging tool
  • continue digging progress
Glowshroom Caverns
  • dig until darkstone blocks progress
  • navigate through nearby cave
  • locate Rabba village
  • navigate through Goblin mine north of village
  • defeat boss
  • speak to Rabba Elder for new item/ability
  • can now enter cave northeast of Rabba village
  • navigate through cave
  • exit cave and continue digging
Ice Layer
  • dig until glacier blocks progress
  • enter nearby ice cave
  • navigate through ice fortress
  • defeat boss for new digging tool
  • obtain key relic item at left side of boss room
  • exit ice fortress and continue digging
Volcanic Layer
  • dig until volcanic rock blocks progress
  • locate entrance to nearby cave
  • navigate through cave to prehistoric cavern
  • navigate through prehistoric cavern to pyramid
  • navigate through pyramid
  • defeat boss and continue through pyramid for new digging tool
  • return to volcanic rock and continue digging
  • travel down until river blocks progress
  • speak to nearby npc for quest
  • locate the required quest items in the area and speak to quest npc to cross river
  • continue digging
Core Layer
  • continue digging
Crystal kingdom
  • continue digging until progress blocked
  • speak to npc near lamppost
  • attempt to enter crystal palace
  • when in prison, wait for npc to appear
  • speak to npc, dig out of prison
  • locate entrance to nearby cave which was previously blocked
  • navigate through cave
  • navigate through crystal palace
  • defeat boss
  • can now exit crystal city and continue digging
Goblin Kingdom
  • can either continue digging or enter cave near goblin enemies to access goblin kingdom
  • navigate through cave to goblin kingdom, navigate to goblin fortress
  • navigate through goblin fortress, defeat bosses, obtain 3 key relic items
  • continue digging
Terracotta ruins
  • navigate through ruins, defeat boss, continue digging
The end of the Earth
  • dig to the end of the earth. Speak to nearby npc for key relic item
The Core
  • obtain all key relics: 1 in ice temple, left side of boss room. 1 in goblin mines, dig past boss room, search near northeast corner of area. 3 in goblin fortress, in the last boss room. 1 at the end of the earth, speak to digging npc.
  • use an artifact to get new tool
  • enter the core
  • navigate through final area
  • defeat boss
Developerskvapps studio
Number of plays747
Release date27 Feb, 2022
Last updated07 Apr, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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