Void of Memories
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QCancel / Go Back
TABOpen/Close Player Menu
WASDNavigate Menus / Select target
E (During your turn)Confirm / Action Command
Q (During your turn)Cancel/Go Back
E (During enemy turn)Block
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Void of Memories

Pixel RPG with Turn-based combat and Action Commands!
Game in Development - Receiving Feedback!
Since it's still in development, I still need a lot of feedback to polish and make it better! If you want to help this game improve and grow, please consider filling this small feedback form (1 ~ 2 minutes) Thank you very much in advance! ================================================= Play as MEM, a girl who woke up in an unfamiliar place without any of her memories, not knowing how she got into that situation. A stranger's note is her only hope. Will you reach out the truth behind her missing memories?
RPG with an active turn-based combat!
Navigate through the platforming levels until you bump with an enemy! Fight enemies in a classic turn-based combat, with the addition Action Commands, making use of additional inputs to use abilities effectively, and also to block incoming attacks when its not your turn.
Player Customization
As you level up, you can increase one of three main attributes: Health points (HP), Skill points (SP) and Custom points (CP). You can allocate your CP's to equip and unequip your prefered skills as you see fit, and then consume SP in combat to use them!
Controller Support
Void of Memories should work with an Xbox, Playstation and Switch Pro controller with icon prompts. If there's any kind of problem or error with this, please do send a report about it.
DeveloperTOM Software
Number of plays8,043
Release date10 Jun, 2023
Last updated17 Apr, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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