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Wmove up
Amove left
Smove down
Dmove right
Spacecast spell
Left Clickmelee attack
Right Clickconsume low hp enemy
Mouseaim attacks and spells
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A fast-paced, simple action RPG where you must consume your enemies to gain new magical powers. Defeat all the bosses to become the ultimate arcane being!
Play as a spell eating mage, who's goal is to become the ultimate arcane being. Wield the power of your enemies and unleash them back on them.
Master the Arcane
Every enemy has a unique spell that you can steal from them. From fireballs to summoning lightning, uncover which enemy holds which spell and figure the best way to defeat your enemies.
Randomized Rooms
Every room you take towards the boss is randomized! This design guarantees that each run is somewhat unique and unlikely to become bland.
Tactical Spell Collection
Tactically think about what order you kill/absorb enemies so that you use your spells effectively and gain an advantage against the next room. WINNER of the coveted "best game of class 2023 as chosen by professional game designers"-award in Arcada's Game Design & Production course! Prepare your wallets, because here comes a really good game! Game trailer: https://youtu.be/V\_7\_7WK77ac
Developerpumpson studios
Number of plays2,572
Release date04 May, 2023
Last updated04 May, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating10+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 10 or above.
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