Orbital Eclipse
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Orbital Eclipse

Keep your space Life Raft in orbit for as long as you can - but beware what awaits you on the dark side of the planet!
Orbital Eclipse v0.98
#NoticeMe Game Jam (2022)
Aim of the Game
Keep your Life Raft in orbit for as long as you can.
Use the Arrow Keys (or WSAD) to move your Life Raft. Use the Space Bar to use the powerups you collect.
How to Play
  1. Keep your space station in the optimal orbit by keeping close to the ring. This will keep your fuel consumption down.
  2. Collect fuel canisters to top up your fuel.
  3. Avoid obstacles - collisions cost fuel.
  4. Collect and use special powerups to aid you.
  5. Beware the dark side of the planet - random events can occur!
  6. Every orbit the game gets harder.
DeveloperNanite Games
Number of plays166
Release date18 Mar, 2022
Last updated25 Apr, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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