Slot Car GX
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Slot Car GX

Run, collect rings and buy new cars. Get back on track and set a new record or... just Relax and Enjoy the Ride. Easy to play and challenging to master.
Relax and Enjoy the Ride. The car will move forward and follow the curves by itself, it's up to you to manage the acceleration. Each car has its own performance and some are better suited to certain goals or your driving style. Be careful not to overdo it, otherwise the suspension won't hold up and you'll end up spinning! FEATURES:
  • Six toy cars available
  • Nine tracks to race on
  • Three goals for each level
  • Collect rings to buy new cars
  • Easy to play, with a good level of challenge
  • Playstyle that's versatile and fits your mood
  • You can play it with one hand
  • Available for both Desktop and mobile devices
____________________________________________________ *LOOK* Do not close the game or you will lose your progress, save system and new content will be added in future updates. ____________________________________________________ MISSING CREDITS: Game by Willshir3 Music by Sora ____________________________________________________ UPDATES
  • -game balancing
  • -bug fix
  • -car stats visible in car selection
  • -fixed new bug that broke the game
  • -tutorial made clearer
  • -fixed a graphics glitch
  • -Corrected some text
Developerwillshir3 studio
Number of plays2,096
Release date18 Jan, 2023
Last updated27 Jan, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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