Wi-Fi for Wanderers (only)
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Wi-Fi for Wanderers (only)

A chill game of travel and discoveries. (And some ghost fighting!) Journey across the cosmos to recover stolen Wi-Fi! But... let's take the scenic route. There's a whole world to explore!


Your UFO is powered by Wi-Fi and piloted by a dog that can't drive. Destroy obstacles to clear its path and to collect Wi-Fi signals. Fend off the ghosts that try steal your ship's Wi-Fi. Buy upgrades using resources found in obstacles. Keep your UFO fueled up and moving as long as you can. It's game over when the void catches up to the UFO!
Controls (Re-bindable)
Single Player
Player 1 Move - Arrow keys Attack - Z


Player 1 Move - WASD Attack - E Player 2 Move - IJKL Attack - O
Power Ups
Radar: shows the path the UFO is taking Engine: Increases the base speed of the UFO Bunny: Score multiplier Lightning Rod: Slows enemies Turret: Damages enemies Battery pack: Occasionally drops Wi-Fi
Created By
Nyveon Happysquared Hokori Sunnydaze Zedsquadron IvanBje Faxdoc Riuku
Fonts of Wi-Fi for Wanderers (only)
"Little League" and "Space Loot" by Chevy Ray
Assets Used
Sprite Exploder bktglitch
Special Thanks
Francisco Aliaga ZeroErrors For help with procedural generation. #action #adventure #multiplayer #chill #endless


Developernyveon studio
Number of plays115236
Creation date21 Oct, 2021
Last updated18 Oct, 2022
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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