Lost in the Backrooms
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Lost in the Backrooms

A graphic adventure in the backrooms, filled with intrigue and mystery. Each choice impacts your fate in this world.
Game: "Lost in the Backrooms"

Survival Difficulty: Class 5



»⠀Infested with entities

This adventure game plunges you into the depths of the Backrooms, presenting each level as an expansive and bewildering space that defies the laws of physics and logic. The intricately designed environments range from endless corridors with faded yellow walls to bizarre rooms where reality seems to crumble apart. Sound is a key element: the hum of fluorescent lights warps your perception, and distant footsteps echo through the emptiness. Players navigate these spaces based on the choices they make. The game's atmosphere is eerie and oppressive, charged with constant suspense. It demands tough decision-making from players, with long-lasting consequences. As players venture deeper, they encounter deadly entities and phenomena that defy explanation. We stay true to the Backrooms Wiki - Fandom, unlike other games...
  • Spacebar: Display text
  • Enter: Advance text
  • ESC: Return to menu
  • Alt: negative level on the Hub
(To change the language, go to config, then click on the flag.)

Entrances and Exits

Total Levels: 52
Wiki: https://lost-in-the-backrooms.fandom.com/wiki/Lost_in_the_backrooms_Wiki Donate: https://cato-games.itch.io/lost-in-the-backrooms
Changes from Update 1.1.5
  • The void was added
  • Level -100 was added
DeveloperEUCM studio
Number of plays20,000+
Release date22 Feb, 2024
Last updated15 Apr, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating13+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 13 or above.
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