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Monster Kitchen Island
Monster Kitchen Island
On an island so small it did not have a name, my great-grandfather, Datuk Ismail, was visited by a monster from the sea...
Monster Kitchen Island details
Typing game meets cooking game!

Manage a busy kitchen with monsters as your customers. (Anybody that has worked in the restaurant business knows customers are monsters anyway.) Control robots with your keyboard to serve monsters from the safety of your home!

  • Keyboard - Control robots/Seat customers/Serve customers
  • Backspace - Delete word
  • ESC - Open/Close recipe reference
  • Tab - Switch between beach and kitchen
  • Shift - Switch between robots
  • Space - Advance dialogue

Developed By
  • Happysquared
  • Hokori
  • Sunnydaze
  • Ivanbje
  • Instant Onion
  • Nyveon

Commanding the robots


Each little box displays an action (e.g. 'chop') assigned to a random word (e.g. 'QUEEN'). Type the word in the black box to execute the action.

E.g. Type "irony" to command a robot to pick up a fish.

The commands you see change depending the active robot.


Click "Shift" to switch between robots. You could get more tasks done that way.

Switching between cooking and serving


Switch between making dishes and serving customers. Click "Tab" to switch between the kitchen and seating area to fulfill your tasks!

Serving Guide

The first thing you want to do is start seating customers! When a customer is seated, they will tell you what food they want to order.


  1. Seat monsters by typing in the individual letters that appear on the beach tables.

  2. When a monster is seated, an order appears! This is the order you should make in the kitchen to serve the monster.

  3. When an order has been completed in the kitchen, it will appear in the beach area


  1. Serve a monster: Type the letter assigned to a dish to select it, then type a table's letter in order to send it to that table. Careful! If you send the wrong dish to the wrong table, the monster will NOT be happy.

Kitchen Guide

You prepare the dishes in the kitchen!


Dishes are assembled on the bottom table. When the right ingredients are placed on a serving table, it turns into a finished dish.


Some ingredients require preparation, e.g. chopping, boiling, ice-creaming.


If you prepare an ingredient wrongly, you end up with garbage. You can put anything in the trash can to get rid of it.