Honest Work
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Honest Work

A relaxing game where you manage a farm.
By Hobiwan_Kenobi, Zuhukanah & LucasSchachtMusic. 100% of all assets were made during the production of the game during the Jam, for the Jam. Main Programmer - Zuhukanah Additional Programming & all artwork - Hobiwan_Kenobi & LucasSchachtMusic Sound and Music - LucasSchachtMusic Features
  • Grow 4 different veggies with different attributes - use scroll wheel to switch seeds and right-click to harvest fully grown crops
  • Pluck weeds with right-click to get compost - after the composter is full you get fertilizer to increase the growth and resilience of crops
  • Make sure to grow a variety of crops - you might not always have what the customer is looking for
  • Keep crops watered - wilted plants turn into weeds
  • Expand with the shovel - use wheel to switch between plots and trenches to keep your plots watered
  • As you sell, your reputation will increase, improving the value of crops and how many customers purchase. Eventually, a farmhand may come along looking for work. Left click him to hire him for 1000g
  • The scarecrows do something, probably...
DeveloperZuhukanah studio
Number of plays2,562
Release date18 Jan, 2023
Last updated18 Jan, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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