Gravity Storm - First Mission
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Arrow keys or WASDmove
SPACE, Z, Jjump
X, K, Left Click,shoot (can be held)
C, L, Right ClickGravity
GX Menu

Gravity Storm - First Mission

Action platformer with robots, gravity switch mechanics, dashing and shooting. Inspired by the NES game Metal Storm.
You can DOWNLOAD the game for free or buy it if you want to support my work on
The Gravity Storm 2 is in development.
Music Credits: Zendev:\_3eZvfg
UPDATE: 7/8/2024 v1.1.0
  • Unlockable art added to the option menu (to unlock the all the art, you have to beat the game in any difficulty several times).
  • Enemies in level 4 are less buggy.
  • The level design in level 4 is a bit less frustrating.
  • Graphical improvements to level 5, and boss level.
  • Some tweaks to the shooting so it is more responsive when trying to shoot up and down.
  • Now when double tapping, you have to do it faster (this change is to make it less likely that you dash by accident).
  • Blue enemies shoot a bit faster.
  • Total playtime, fixed.
  • Normal and hard time record, added.
  • change sound affect when changing gravity.
  • Some bugs in the menu are fixed (before you could crash the game by pressing up and down are the same time).
DeveloperJamepley studios
Number of plays100,000+
Release date13 May, 2024
Last updated24 Jul, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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