Gravity Storm
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Arrow keys or WASDmove
SPACE, Z, Jjump
X, K, Left Click,shoot
C, L, Right ClickGravity
GX Menu

Gravity Storm

Action platformer with robots, gravity switch mechanics, dashing and shooting. Inspired by the NES game Metal Storm. TAMBIÉN EN ESPAÑOL.
You can download the game on
This demo is very close to the last update, if you want to support the full release you can do so in too.
UPDATE: 27/5/2024 v0.91
  1. Volume option added
  2. Default option added
UPDATE: 6/5/2024, v0.92
  1. A complete save system.
  2. Score system.
  3. 0ption to play in Spanish.
  4. New level, added (this will be the last level added). 
  5. Small changes to the old levels
  6. Hard mode, added.
  7. some visual improvements.
  8. Small changes to the story.
  9. Tweaks in the gameplay.
  10. Pop-up that tells you a gamepad is connected.
  11. Some new sound effects.
  12. Option to delete save file, added.
  13. Default Option, added.
  14. Improve volume options.
  15. Some UI and input improvements.
UPDATE: 6/5/2024, v0.93:
  1. Improve pause menu.
  2. getting stuck in walls, fixed.
DeveloperJamepley studios
Number of plays1,118
Release date13 May, 2024
Last updated10 Jun, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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