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Totemlands is a relaxing crafting, building game where you raise totem poles, hunt spirits, decorate and explore the lands.
You are an adventurer who just arrived at the mysterious land of Oakshade, inhabited by spirits known as Oaklingers, peculiar locals and... totems?
Hunt spirits
Scientists and researchers have been studying these spirits called Oaklingers for years, but You, equipped with your trusty staff, are here to hunt them. Be cautious some of them might be hostile.
Raise Totems
Use the spirits you have hunted to build colorful totems, but these are no ordinary totems - they are sentient. Look after them and in exchange they'll provide you with valuable relics.
You have a catalogue with wide selection of decor in your possession - from furniture, wall mounts, interior and exterior decorations to walls, flooring and fences. Let your creativity flow.
Roam the lands of Oakshade, unlock yet uncharted territories and discover what lies beyond the horizon.
Craft & Build
Chop, mine, grow and fish out resources, refine these precious materials and use them to build facilities, structures, decorations or exchange them for upgrades.
Sit back and relax
There is no stress or rush in Totemlands, you can play it at your own pace, so it's a perfect game for beginner players as well as for someone looking for a relaxing experience.
Customize your character
Change hairstyle, the shape of the face, eyes, eyebrows, lips and nose, choose the color of the hair and eyes. Create the character who best represents you.
Keyboard W, S, A, D - Move Left Mouse Button - Action Right Mouse Button - Interact / Rotate object when building Escape - Open inventory Tab - Open notebook Q - Change tool Hold Space Bar - Quick toolbar access (use mouse wheel to change tools) 1 - Select tool 2-9 - Select toolbar slot 0 - Select sledgehammer R - Previous toolbar slot T - Next toolbar slot Middle Mouse Button - Change toolbar row Controller (XBox One) Left Joystick - Move X - Action A - Interact B / Start - Open inventory View button (two square) - Open notebook LB - Change tool Hold Y - Quick tool access (use LT / RT to change tools) RB - Select sledgehammer LT - Previous toolbar slot RT - Next toolbar slot Push Right Joystick - Change toolbar row Push Left Joystick - Rotate object when building (Controls can be changed in Settings)
Number of plays300,000+
Release date15 Jun, 2022
Last updated02 Mar, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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