Chicken KING!
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Chicken KING!

Chicken king! The best game made by and for students of Central East Highschool! This game has intense gameplay including bosses, abilities, and more. This is a game to advertise the voting of McDowell for chicken king. So vote him!
(Game is meant to be played on mobile with desktop mode on)
Story behind this game:
From the beginning of development on December 2023, students of the software development club came together to create this game! This game is meant to get people to vote Mr. McDowell for chicken king. We had many students work different jobs which will be listed below
What is this game?
  • Rouge-like shooter with a rough storyline and 5 different bosses
  • Contains many different abilities which aid you to become chicken king
  • Fast paced gameplay (may be hard)
Helpers of the game:
  • Austin Her: Lead artist
  • Chufue Lor: Lead programmer
  • London Moore: Video manager
  • Jose Ruvlacabla: Advertiser and Web developer
  • Jared Luna: Web developer
  • Mr. McDowell: THE CHICKEN KING (I hope)
  • Members of the club: Idea barnstormers
Other questions:
Q: How does this game relate to chicken week? A: It only relates to it in terms of fighting and having the main character be a chicken. We don't know what we were on in creating the story. The reason why McDowell is fighting sharks is not because it relates to chicken week, but because of a joke we made in the club. Other than that, this game has little in common with chicken week. Its just here for fun.
Other links:
Developernoodlesoup29 studio
Number of plays854
Release date05 Dec, 2023
Last updated21 Mar, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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