Blue Ribbon Bake Off
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Blue Ribbon Bake Off

Blue Ribbon Bake Off is a new, original card game. Players work to gather ingredients to complete a recipe and win a blue ribbon at the county fair. Competitors use every trick in the cookbook to stop them. Who will be named the County's Best Baker?
The county fair is up and running, which means that it is time for the Blue Ribbon Bake Off. Players are contestants at the fair vying for blue ribbons, using time tested recipes. To win a blue ribbon, contestants must be the first to gather ingredients needed to complete a recipe. Beware though, while players are gathering ingredients competitors are using every trick in the cookbook to try to stop them, including taking ingredients, and even submarining recipes. In the high-stakes world of competitive cooking nothing is off the table. Object of the game: Collect ingredients needed to complete a recipe, while trying to stop other players from doing the same. The first player to successfully gather the needed supplies for a recipe is awarded a blue ribbon. Collect enough blue ribbons to be named the County's Best Baker.
DeveloperGeWaLy Art Studio
Number of plays359
Release date09 Sep, 2023
Last updated29 May, 2024
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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