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As the Night Draws Closer
As the Night Draws Closer
In the forest lies a Core of cursed energy that draws in ghosts. A Spiritualist has been sent to get past the aggressive spirits and destroy the Cursed Energy Core! Use your blade and your quick thinking to survive as the night draws close!
No challenges exist for this game.
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As the Night Draws Closer details

This game is intended for Controller/Arcades. There is Mouse and Keyboard support, but you can get a better experience if you plug in a controller!

The reason for additional buttons performing the same action is to allow the player to play with more options to use.



**Controller: **Left Face button (Left face button is X/Square button)

**Keyboard & Mouse: **Left Mouse button


**Controller Option 1: **Right Trigger

Controller Option 2: Right Face button (Right face button is B/Circle button)

Keyboard & Mouse: Right Mouse button


Controller Option 1: Left Trigger

Controller Option 2: Bottom Face button (Bottom face button is A button for Xbox, X button for Playstation)

Keyboard & Mouse: Space Bar


Controller: The Start button

Keyboard & Mouse: R Key

Return to Title (During Pause)

Controller: The Select button

Keyboard & Mouse: Backspace Key


Your goal is at the end of north. The game begins at day time, but as it draws closer to night, more ghosts will appear! This experience starts off easy and becomes more difficult as you go on.

About the Game

Facing multiple ghosts is inevitable. They can even go through walls and shoot you behind cover! Luckily, you have your own arsenal at your disposal. It's up to your adaptability and reaction to survive the incoming night!

Manage yourself! - Your 3 skills require energy, meaning you must know when to use them accordingly. Retreating or taking a moment to restore your energy can help you survive. However, the more time you spend, the more ghosts will inevitably appear! Take a look at your surroundings and judge whether or not you have the energy to move on!

Boost your Skills! - It's as simple as NOT using your skill until the corresponding icon is green! These variants improve your skills, and therefore your survivability. Charging your skills doesn't reset the boost, but releasing the button for the skill to activate does.

Not enough power? Charge your skills! - It's as simple as holding down the button for a second or so. Releasing it will give you a better variant, and at the same cost too!

Player's Skillset

This attack can not only cut down ghosts quickly, but also destroys their projectiles! Boost this blade, and it can even reflect projectiles! Charging the blade will allow you to do a larger slash attack

Spiritual Shot

This attack shoots down your ghostly foes! However, it cannot go through walls unless this skill is Charged, allowing it to pass through walls, trees, AND pierce enemies! Boost this shot, and it will go double its usual range and increase it's size.


This skill is purely for repositioning. If you're in a bad spot, use this right and it may save you! Charge it up to get a bit farther distance. Boost this skill before you dash, and you can be invulnerable during the dash.

You are invulnerable after taking damage too, as indicated by the White diamond surrounding your character.