Catch By Kouki
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Catch By Kouki

A relaxing fish adventure
Catch is an extremely relaxing game like no other where you can catch fish to send off on an epic adventure across the waterway.. Sit back, relax, do nothing or other things while you watch your fish swim freely as it try to navigate the terrain and danger, as well as collect pearls and food along the way. Enjoy watching the calming scenery, where everything unfold in as stress-free as possible. There's no need to control the fish as it swim in the waterway. If your fish is killed by predator, simply fish for a new pet to again send it off on another journey. In Catch, you can also spend leisure time watching your best performing fish swim inside the safety of an aquarium, you get to feed it and to some degree customize the tank. You can also view your high achieving fish record, each tank are allocated for a specific fish group . Short to say, this game is like a 3 in 1 ultimate relaxing therapy; there's the relaxing fishing activity where if you choose to release any caught fish, you can infinitely enjoy the fishing activity, there's the hands free side activity of simply watching your kept fish pet swim on an epic adventure on its own, and lastly there's the therapeutically recharging fun of feeding your fish in an aquarium. What more can you ask for to relax and recuperate from your stressful life? Hopefully you will find the game enjoyable and relaxing, and cure you of any stress and tension that you had involuntarily accumulated from your daily activities. Watch the sample gameplay on Youtube : This game is developed by Kouki for the purpose of participating in the Opera GX - GameMaker Studio Competition held on January 4th - 18th 2023. This is a fully functioning and free to access for all features available in the app. All images are made and edited by the developer. All sound files use in the app and demonstrated in the sample gameplay video are properly credited inside the game's credit screen. Update Notes: v.0.0.1 - 17 Jan 2023 : Initial Release v.0.0.2 - 18 Jan 2023 : Initial Test Fix for Animation Bug (No new features or content) v.0.0.3 - 18 Jan 2023 : Final Fix for Animation Bug (No new features or content) v.0.0.4 -18 Jan 2023 : Initial Test Fix for High Score Bug (No new features or content) v.0.0.5 - 18 Jan 2023 : Final Fix for High Score Bug (No new features or content) v.0.0.6 - 20 Jan 2023 : Initial and Final Fix for Image Scaling Bug (No new features or content) v.0.0.7 - 22 Jan 2023 : Initial Fix for Counter Bug & Some Animation Fix (No new features or content) v.0.0.8 - 22 Jan 2023 : Final Fix for Counter Bug (No new features or content) v.0.09 - 23 Jan 2023 : Final Fix Depth Sorting & Animation Bug in Aquarium (No new feature or content)
Number of plays747
Release date17 Jan, 2023
Last updated23 Jan, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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