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Move stick up/Bottom buttonJump/Move up in menus
Move stick leftMove left
Move stick rightMove right
Move stick down/Left buttonInteract/Move down in menus
BumpersSkip scenes
Top buttonPause
Select (left-middle) buttonRestart
Start (right-middle) buttonToggle exit menu
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Break free from boredom and experience the struggle for freedom in a colorful world of cats and dogs, jumping, running, and shooting your way through a tragic yet subtle story with customizable items in this indie platformer!
The almost frustrating game to free you from your boredom! - Made with love, lots of pizza, and strawberry ice cream!
Freedom is a minimalist platformer set in a somewhat colorful world gripped by a struggle between two factions. A child is disturbed by this rift in understanding and sets off to fix it so that no one has to be mistreated any longer!
  • Some gravity
  • A couple of cats and dogs and dinosaurs
  • A tragic yet subtle story about a struggle
  • Spikes, lasers, and rockets (did I already say spikes?)
  • Some chase scenes
  • Sometimes a solid 60 frames per second
  • Lots of running and jumping
  • Over 50 customizable hats
  • Gamepad support
  • A minimalist art style designed for a focus on gameplay!
  • Pots that give you extra lives for more fun!
  • Maybe a flower that provides an extra jump in a couple of places...
Keyboard (Defaults):
  • Controls will remain the same on the remapping screen
A or D to move left or right W to jump or move up in menus S to interact or move down in menus Spacebar to shoot/accept or skip scenes P to pause or cancel R to restart Escape to exit and leave the exit menu F4 (and maybe F11) to resize the screen
  • You can use all the direction pad buttons or right stick too
Move stick left or right to move left or right Move stick up or bottom button to jump or move up in menus Move stick down or left button to interact or move down in menus Triggers to shoot/accept Bumpers to skip scenes Top button to pause or cancel Select (left-middle) button to restart Start (right-middle) button to exit and leave the exit menu For more info or other downloads, check out the official site: I hope you enjoy it!
Developerbri-bri1 studio
Number of plays5,758
Release date20 May, 2022
Last updated26 Aug, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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