Undertale: Underfell Undyne the Undying
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Undertale: Underfell Undyne the Undying

Undertale Fangame which is based on the alternate universe "Underfell". WORK IN PROGRESS.
https://gamejolt.com/games/underfellundyne/844188 https://pcshadowwz.itch.io/underfellundyne find any bugs? any ideas? Contact me: my discord: pcshadowwz
BIG UPDATE(05/10/23):
-Propper Main Menu. -Added 2 modes: Easy (like before the update) and Normal (Much Harder). -Fixed some stuff, tweaked balance and attacks. Hard Mode would be added if the game somehow gains massive attention. With hard mode would be a full revamp of the game if it were to happen.
Controls and guide:
WASD or Arrow keys to move soul or point shield and traverse the menu Press Z to interact with buttons and further text on Press X to fast forward text In the fight press Z on "ITEM" button to heal (You have 7 heals that heal you to max health) In the fight press Z on the "FIGHT" button to bring up the fight menu, and press z to hit the bars on the menu. The closer to the center of the menu the more damage you do. Hitting the bars in the center causes you to crit and deal maximum damage. Dodge attacks when in red soul and point your shield in the direction of spears to block then when in green soul Blue attacks don't damage you if your soul is still Orange attacks don't damage you if your soul is moving
  • Undertale(Inspiration + Sound effects) - Toby Fox + Temmie Chang,
  • Sprites(Not All) - Temmie Chang
It's 100% possible to beat (quite easy in fangame terms) but it's probably impossible to no hit (unless you can prove otherwise :3). Made in about 10 days on and off. Please give bug reports if you find any, thanks. This is not cannon to underfell at all and is simply my take on it. This is more of a "tech demo" to see what I could make in a short time span (my first real game), therefore, it is quite unfinished and unfair at times.
DeveloperPcShadowwZ studio
Number of plays40,000+
Release date01 Oct, 2023
Last updated05 Oct, 2023
Game engineGameMaker
Maturity rating13+
Game is suitable for anyone the age of 13 or above.
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