Beware The Frog
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Beware The Frog

"Beware The Frog" is a simple platform game where you, a frog, use the tongue to reach the walls! And for eat some enemies, of course!


"Beware The Frog" is a game made for the annual 2022 Game Maker Italia, and it gained the third place. The game is a platform where, other than jumping and wall jumping, you can use your tongue to reach distant places. Try complete fully the game in 19+1 levels, or just go to the exit as fast as you can in speedrun mode! -- Controls -- Left and Right Arrow: Move Left or right; Arrow up: Interact with signpost; Z: Jump (press longer to jump higher); X: Extract the tongue (press longer for a longer tongue); R: Restart level (presso longer in challenge to restart the whole run); ESC, P: Pause


DeveloperDavide Scarioni
Number of plays1031
Creation date22 May, 2022
Last updated02 Jul, 2022
Maturity ratingAll ages
Game is suitable for all ages.
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